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Extra for the concern I have over your transmittable crap. I was bored so I made some changes to it -_(~_~)_- well anyways I hope you like it in HD and with Subtitles Circle Circle Dot Dot, Now You’ve Got Your Cooties Shot. by Anouck Iyer. Cooties. The dreaded imaginary childhood plague that haunts every schoolyard. The poor kid 1.) A game played by (usually) small children on the lower back, forearm, and/or palms to prevent cooties 2.) A pretty fly song performed by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone Download "Circle circle dot dot" Sound: Download Sound.

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This oldie but goodie may still stump some of your friends. Show off this magic trick anytime. 2017-09-06 Sign In My Account. About visit Contact visit Contact CIRCLE OF DOTS STUDIO. Van Limburg Stirumstraat 10 2805 BD Gouda.


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Dot. Dot. Now I’ve got my cootie shot. “ Ah, an old chant from my childhood. The chant itself brings back many fond memories.

Circle circle dot dot meme

The Circle ft. Carey O'Donnell & Chris Sapphire - I'm

Circle circle dot dot meme

See more ideas about surface design, design, circle pattern. Abstract circle pattern vector image on VectorStock Polka Dot Background, Background Patterns, Textured Background Meme: Instrutorcfc discovered by ϟ vicky. on We Heart It. Eye dot circle.

Circle circle dot dot meme

1.5K likes. A 501(c)3 non-profit Community-Based Collaborative Theatre Company | http://www.circle2dot2.com Circle Circle, Dot Dot Finger Play "Circle circle, dot dot, Now you've got a cootie shot!" "Circle circle, square square, I don't have them anywhere!" {Jamie Kennedy} Circle circle dot dot, (uh huh) I got my cootie shot, (uh huh) I think that booty's hot, (uh huh) I'd give it booty song, that booty's so i'll make it drop to the drop drop to the drop drop to the make it drop, to the floor lets get more,(a huh) Okay, gimme some more. Yo circle circle dot dot Yo this s***s workin' please don't stop Now kindly please remove your top and please don't sa y that your a cop Show me yours I'll show you mine and we'll play doctor until nine Uh huh (uh huh)ok (ok) Girl you drivin me insaine [Stu Stone] Sane in the brain to the don't please to the menday Circle Circle Dot Dot (Making of the Video) Stu Stone.
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Circle circle dot dot meme

Use your photos to create your own custom game, being able to change the  Put your nose on the black dot and watch the girl passing thru the circle! SanningarRoliga Memes. Roliga Saker.

Dot, dot. Now you got your  The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG) Circle Circle Dot Dot - Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone - Lego Animation. Blunty.
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Erica, 8, returns home from school where her sister, Taryn, 16, is alone.

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23 Dec 2020 The Shape Of Breasts And Resists Sweat. Circle Circle Dot Dot's innovative wing adhesive bra will empower you to wear anything with . 18 Mar 2020 Post with 16 votes and 242 views.

Hot New. Sort By: "Circle circle, dot dot, Now you've got a cootie shot!" "Circle circle, square square, I don't have them anywhere!" Tweet. Advertisement . Thanks and Acknowledgements.